Farm Fresh

We grow it. We extract it. We purify it. We bottle it.
You deserve it.

We grow it. We extract it.
We purify it. We bottle it.
You deserve it.


Phytofox is a small batch craft producer of phyto cannabanoid rich oils in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. We grow, extract and produce the highest quality organically grown and lab-tested hemp flower oil. From farm to you, we supply the purest USDA-certified organic CBD and CBG tinctures. No middlemen.




It all starts with a seed. Proper selection is critical. Our team works with seed manufacturers from across the globe to find the right seeds that will perform in our environment. Working with our farmers, we match these seeds with our own vast knowledge of growing to produce exceptional plants. Exceptional plants produce exceptional oils.


Growing high-quality plants is meaningless unless you control how the cannabinoids are extracted from these plants. At Phytofox we utilize only USDA certified organic extraction processors to make our tinctures. Continuous process monitoring ensures that the final product is safe, effective, and free from any solvent residues or plant matter. Using highly purified organic ethanol also enhances the terpene profile of each plant. This is one more step to assure you that this product surpasses all manufacturing and quality standards.


Once the material has been extracted and purified, formulation begins. As a small craft producer, we pay close attention to this process step. After testing by a third-party test facility, we formulated the product to exacting standards. We use only Organic MCT oil as our carrier. Safe, effective, and indeed USDA organically approved, we match the plant profile with the oil to produce a tincture that will be right for you.




We have spent much time making our products as pure, clean, and safe as possible. You as the consumer can feel indeed liberated that you have found the right CBD and CBG manufacturer. We are committed to always doing the right thing. We are your trusted source.

Certified Organic


Welcome to the future of Western North Carolina CBG. Phytofox is committed to the education and cultivation techniques, to produce the finest organic hemp CBD and CBG on the market. We do one thing, from seed to tincture with exacting presion directly to the consumer. No fuss, hype, or middleman. 

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